Anonymous said: I miss your hugs (I know I'm still anon, but that's the idea cause if you knew who it was, you would hate me)

I don’t hate a single soul on this planet.

  -  21 October

Anonymous said: You need to upload more photos of you from shoots, you look incredible.

aw thank you! I don’t like to bombard people and plus most photos come out terrible because I am the single worst “model” on the planet haha

Anonymous said: I miss you..

it doesn’t help if you send this anonymously, how am I supposed to know that YOU miss me, being anonymoulsy missed makes me feel like a distant asshole

  -  18 October

Anonymous said: can you not be such an asshole to literally everyone on this planet for once in your life? fuck, i wish you just never existed

*wishes I wouldn’t be an asshole* *is an asshole*

practice what u preach there friend, have a blessed day x

Anonymous said: Wait, are you a mother?

huh? :s what on earth could have made you think this?

Anonymous said: are you related to Jenna McDougall?

nope! I only met her when she was 16!

Anonymous said: You bitch about your body being so "disgusting", yet seen to happily pose in underwear and wear crop tops/etc, what's up with that? Lol

I don’t think my body is disgusting?

I eat a lot of fast food and feel really sluggish/gross after it, and sometimes I have bad days where I feel a lil bit insecure, but in reality I love the body I have, despite my imperfections, and will wear & post whatever the fuck I please lmao.

Anonymous said: How many band members have you slept around with?

probably about seven thousand wbu

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